Seeing clearly: business & content writing for East Anglia

When you need them the right words can seem as elusive as the shifting skies.

I can help you peer through the clouds and present your message with clarity and confidence. I’ve years of experience translating technical and insider terminology into engaging text accessible to a general readership.

As a feature writer I’ve written articles on complex issues in technology, finance, economics, politics and culture for a wide range of publications. And as an experienced WordPress designer I know digital from the inside, the art of blending words with image, video and layout.

I’ll take the time to gain the understanding of your business necessary to write sharp website content, blog posts, newsletters, brochures and presentations.

I work with clients in Norwich, East Anglia and beyond. Please get in touch by phone or email.

I’ll work with you to structure your website, organising content into pages, highlights, call-to-action boxes, sidebar and footer regions. I’ll write the site’s body text and microcopy such as headlines, menu items and labels. I can help suggest and design infographics, and work with you to define SEO search terms.

I’ll help write printed communications such as newsletters, brochures and presentations, working with you to define core messages.

I’ll can write your website blog posts, press releases, newsletter and advertising features, drawing on years of experience of researching and writing features for a range of publications.

I can work with copywriting and marketing colleagues to help small businesses and organisations turn a great idea into an identity, defining the imagery and tone-of-voice that will light up your brand. We’ll research your enterprise and draw up style guides as a permanent source of reference.

Maintaining a website, an e-newsletter or a regular publication can be time-consuming for a small, busy team. You can turn those tasks over to me, ensuring your audience hears from you as often as you intend.

Cumuli Copy is run by me, Justin Reynolds, a content writer and designer living by the luminous East Anglian coast. I also write features for publications such as The New European, openDemocracy, The Calvert Journal, Social Europe, net Magazine and CityMetric.